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#Público, 2016

Video, color, no sound, 10'

Performance, 15', Berlin

Spanische Nacht, Lange Nacht der Museen, Gemäldegalerie, Kulturforum, Berlin, 27. 8. 2016 "El Siglo de Oro, Die Ära Velázquez", Grants La Red of Performance, in collaboration with Instituto Cervantes Berlin 

Público means in spanish "audience" and "public" at the same time. In this performance I wanted to ask about the ideas of audience, show, public, visibility, interactivity, immersion and emmersion. 

We are showing and performing ourselves on the social networks (digital or physical) as a self-promotion to get views, likes, followers or withouth any intention, just because we like to share with the others what we want.

#Público was presented related with the show "El siglo de Oro, Die Ära Velázquez" at the Gemäldegalerie Berlin, connected with the idea of the art had in the 17th century, to convey political and propagandistic content. Portraits, religious and mythological images loaded of historical and artistic references. Representations whose realism gives a sense of reality and immersion. But what happen if we play with the idea of emmersion? To point the viewer as a viewer, to realise about the time of viewing and his interactivity? 

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