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2017 | Painting, Installation

The juxtaposition of tropical plants and clothes racks, takes as a theoretical basis Guy Debord's text "The Society of the Spectacle", 50 years after its publication.


Highlighting the relationship between "to be, to have and to seem" in a society mediated by images, expanding the meaning of "Everything that was once directly experienced has become a mere representation" with images that
refer to virtual reality environments.


Due to the internet, NICTs and the fast-fashion industry, we receive products from China, Mexico or Bangladesh at a very low cost and in a very short time.

It's a global phenomenom the need and desire of beeing seen and to see.


Clothing takes a fundamental role on our expression of identity and how it changes. It helps us belong or identify with others, and creates the first impression and maybe help us to survive and florish in a group. Garments allow us define and express our gender, religious beliefs, socio-economic status or lifestyle. What if we link these thoughts with the methods the plants use for reproducing? 

Clothes allows me to talk about human relationships withouth social stratification such as gender, race, ethnicity, class and religion. Includding age, body-size or sexual orientation. 

Does the cheap clothing industry make us equal in terms of a easy acces to fashion trends? Is its consumption a democratising act? Do we really need to buy and get rid of so many clothes a year?

show, plants, casasola, virtual reality, clothes, painting
show, casasola, vr, virtual reality, plants, clothes, painting
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