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The BestSeller project reflects on the place of culture in today's society in relation with public and private spaces related with concepts of accumulation, consumerism, obsolescence, time, fast-fashion, the ephemeral, the idea of death of the book in paper or identity expression.


We can find many similarities between libraries and shopping centres. In both spaces we find the product catalogued, ordered, with a characteristic layout and continuously renewed.


If the book on paper dissappears and we don't have budget for culture and education, what will fill our shelves at home? Will libraries and universities be public or considered profitable? 

Clothes allows me to talk about human relationships withouth social stratification such as gender, race, ethnicity, class and religion. Includding age, body-size or sexual orientation. 

All clothes were provided by the collaborative project "Donate your clothes to art" that took place in Spain and Germany from 2013 to 2017. The garments non used were donated to social organisations. 

bleached clothes installation

Photos: E116, Berlin

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